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Our Advent Calendar


2020 was an unprecedented year full of challenges. And now that the holiday season is just around the corner, we are looking forward to a time of peace and recreation.

This year, however, instead of sending gifts to our partners and friends, we decided to use our resources in a more significant way and make a donation to the SchutzengelWerk, who thoroughly and unbureaucratically support disadvantaged children, young people and domestic animals.

To put you in a festive mood, we have also created a digital Advent calendar featuring the personal stories of our employees – enjoy a glimpse at one different culture each week!

Kiefer Fichte Zweig 5
Kiefer Fichte Zweige 10
Kiefer Fichte Zweige 11



Kiefer Fichte Zweige 7





Kiefer Fichte Zweige 8
Kiefer Fichte Zweige 1
goldener Stern
Kiefer Fichte Zweige 3

We wish you, your employees and your families a pleasant and healthy holiday season!

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