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Today we would like to introduce you to a very important partner of ours: Caroline Curik from Arpin International Group of Germany GmbH:

1) How long have you been working with Wilde Relocation and how did this collaboration come about?

We have been working together since May 2020. I got in touch with Wilde Relocation directly at the beginning of 2020 and the first online meeting took place in March. From then on, everything took its course.


2) What services do you offer that help our customers with their relocation process?

We focus purely on relocation services for company employees. This includes relocations by truck, air and sea freight. From planning to delivery, everything is thought of and carefully organized. This involves close cooperation with Wilde Relocation, which takes place in the background but ensures a smooth service on the front line.


3) Do you have any feedback or testimonials from customers who have benefited from our collaboration?

Yes, for example, "Everything went really well and your team was fantastic!"

Customer feedback often goes directly to you, as it is often linked to the overall package of your service.


4) Do you have any useful tips or advice for people planning a move or relocation?

Yes, a smooth move depends on early preparation. For example: As a removal company, we need sufficient lead time so that we can order no-stopping zones, overseas containers etc. in good time. 4 weeks is the minimum for an international move. However, we also provide assistance to the movers in the run-up to and at the time of the inspection as well as during the planning and implementation on site. Our relocation experts are pro-actively available to assist all those involved.


5) How has the partnership with Wilde Relocation impacted your own business?

Wilde Relocation has helped us to expand our portfolio of direct customers.

6)What do you value most about our collaboration?

The humanity, the open and honest communication at eye level. When I ask our operations team "who would like to take on this move? It's always "me"... "me"... "no, me!"😊

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