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Intercultural training

Successfully relocating to a different country does not end with acquiring a visa or finding a place to stay, but with arriving culturally and socially.

Our team of certified trainers offers custom-tailored training to present your employee with the opportunity to reflect, understand and communicate cultural differences.


Whether you seek to improve mutual understanding in a high-diversity team or hire internationally and want to upgrade your intercultural toolkit, our training will lay the foundation for your success. Come together, get valuable insights, and leave with valuable tools to connect.

Visa & immigration workshop

Blue card, visa requirements, fast track procedure – the relocation process often turns into an overwhelming jungle of information.

To help you better understand its key factors, we offer a free visa and immigration workshop for our existing and new clients. During a one-hour session we present insights on required documents, salary thresholds and other important details related to your employee’s successful and fast attainment of a residence permit.


This workshop is designed for HR managers and recruiters, offering a great opportunity to ask questions on specific cases or general visa-related topics.

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