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After the successful missions on November and December 2022, the Wilde Team is once again supporting the "Schutzengelwerk".

We want to share some impressions of our creative afternoon with SchutzengelWerk GmbH. Together we created beautifully marbling guarding angels. Each angel will find a new owner with one of the new employees arriving in Berlin & at the same time provide support for the children at SchutzengelWerk GmbH.

Last week's devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria has claimed tens of thousands of lives and left several million people homeless, while severe winter conditions prevail and civil war continues to rage on the Syrian side. Our thoughts are with the victims of the disaster, their family members and friends. Emergency assistance from the international community was launched immediately. We want to support the work of the relief forces. After some research in the last days within our families, customers, friends, we decided to transfer our donation to the following organizations:

Wir packens an - -

World -

Please do not underestimate what can be achieved with small donations. Every cent counts!

This week we had the first team meeting of the year, where all of us got together and enjoyed a wonderful brunch at our favorite café.💙 We talked about our plans for 2023 and are excited to take on new adventures and grow as a company 🚀

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