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Unlocking Growth: Federal Employment Agency Supports Training

Thanks to the “Fachstelle Qualifizierungsberatung in KMUs”, we learned that the Federal Employment Agency supports companies in training their employees to secure jobs in the long term and adapt the skills of employees to their growing tasks.

Due to the constant development & growth of wilde relocation, I have organically grown into the role of Operation Manager and have already been able to gain some experience.However, in order to underpin they daily practice with more theory, we decided that I would attend further training on the subject of process and project management.

We found the right offer at BTA, which offers a wide range of flexible modules and works with experienced trainers. As is the case nowadays, the class took place online, but with personal charm and the efficient use of Miro.

In process management, we went from the product to the development of our own organization to the individual process, tested the use of various tools/techniques (PESTEL, RACI, AKV, SWOT, LIPOC, KANBAN etc.) and visualizations (SAP Signavio, Adonis, Bpanda, Camunda etc.) and finally developed a board game that summarizes our acquired knowledge. This knowledge was deepened in the second course on project management and supplemented by communication techniques, planning, controlling, Scrum and an infinite number of matrices.

We learned a lot and our heads smoked more than once to achieve the GMB basic certification at the end.

Many thanks to the great trainers and my "fellow learners", who made it even more lively and fun.

The next course will follow. Leadership will be all about then.

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