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Beware of housing fraud. 
How you can protect yourself: 

In today's digital world, fraudulent activity is unfortunately not uncommon, even in the area of apartment rentals. Housing fraud can take many forms and can potentially cause significant financial and emotional damage.


As a relocation agency, we would like to inform you about the various methods used by fraudsters and effective protective measures.

Types of housing fraud

Phishing sites:

Fraudsters create fake websites that look deceptively similar to real estate portals. They lure prospective buyers to these sites to steal personal data and down payments.

Non-existent apartments:

Fraudsters offer apartments that do not exist in reality. They often use pictures from the Internet and claim that the apartment is immediately available, but demand an advance payment in order to “reserve” it.

Identity theft:

Fraudsters steal the identity of a legitimate landlord and advertise their apartment. Prospective tenants who fall for it transfer the deposit or rent to the fraudster, who then disappears without a trace.

Overpayment fraud:

The fraudster uses a forged check to pay a higher amount than requested and asks the landlord to refund the excess amount. The check later bounces, and the landlord is left with the costs.

How you can protect yourself

Verify the website:

Make sure you are on a legitimate real estate platform. Pay attention to the HTTPS protocol and check the URL carefully.

Verify the landlord's identity:

Ask for proof of the landlord's identity and check that the contact details match. If in doubt, you can also use public registers to check the owner details.

View the property in person:

Never pay a deposit or rent before you have viewed the property in person. Be wary of landlords who only communicate by email or phone and do not allow viewings.

Avoid advance payments:

Be suspicious of landlords who ask for advance payments or money transfers abroad. Reputable landlords usually only accept payments after a personal viewing and signing of the contract.

Watch out for warning signs:

Too good to be true? Extreme urgency, very low rents and a lack of transparency are often signs of fraud.

Trust your gut feeling and be skeptical.

Use secured payment methods:

Use secure and traceable payment methods. Avoid cash payments or untraceable bank transfers.

Housing fraud is a serious problem, but with the right precautions you can protect yourself effectively. Stay vigilant, stay informed and follow the tips above to ensure your move goes smoothly and safely. If you need any clarification or uncertainties, we are always available as your relocation agency.

How we as a relocation agency help you find a safe place to live

Finding a home in a new country can be a challenge, especially if you are not familiar with the local conditions and potential risks. As an experienced relocation agency, we provide our clients with comprehensive support and ensure that they find their new home safely and stress-free. Here are some of the ways we help:


Verified listings

We only work with verified and trustworthy landlords and real estate agencies. Each listing is thoroughly checked to ensure that it is a legitimate and real home.

Personal viewings

We organize personal viewings of the apartments. A member of our team accompanies the clients or conducts the viewing on behalf of the clients to ensure that the apartment meets expectations and has no hidden defects.

Verification of landlords

We verify the identity and legitimacy of landlords or real estate agencies. This includes checking property documents and validating the landlords' business practices.

Assistance with the drafting of contracts

We help our clients review and understand rental agreements. Before signing, our lawyer reviews the lease.

Protection against prepayment fraud

We advise our clients not to make any payments before the property has been viewed and the contract signed. We offer secure payment channels and maintain close contact with landlords to ensure financial security.

Local expertise

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the local market, we can provide our clients with valuable insights and recommendations. We know which neighborhoods are safe and liveable and which landlords have a good reputation.

Emergency support

Should any problems arise during the rental process, we offer our clients immediate support. Our team is available during office hours to help with unexpected difficulties and find solutions.

Regular updates

We keep our clients regularly updated on the status of their apartment search and inform them of any important developments. This gives them security and confidence throughout the process.

Our top priority is to provide our clients with a safe and stress-free apartment search. Through our comprehensive services and local expertise, we ensure that our customers can move into their new home safely and happily.

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