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General Information regarding the situation in Ukraine

General Regulations for citizen of the Ukraine already staying in Germany:

As it is currently impossible for Ukrainian nationals to return to their country due to the current emergency situation in Ukraine, the Berlin Immigration Office has issued a general ruling allowing Ukrainian nationals to automatically extend their permitted visa-free short stay of 90 days until May 31, 2022

- The general ruling applies exclusively to Ukrainian nationals

- who are in possession of a valid passport or passport replacement document,

- who are staying in Berlin at the time of the expiration of the visa-free short stay,

- Ukrainian citizens do not need a certificate until May 31, 2022, so they are not required to appear for an interview at the Berlin Foreigners' Registration Office.

- Employment is generally not permitted.

- If you have further questions about your residence title, please contact the advisory service of the Consultation service in the Berlin Immigration Office or the corresponding foreigners registration office at your current residence.

General Information for Ukrainian Citizen planning to enter Germany

· There is currently no air travel from Ukraine. Meaning, that Ukrainian nationals cannot travel to Germany directly, but can enter through neighbouring countries.

· For a temporary stay without taking up profitable employment, Ukrainian citizens with biometric passports can enter Germany without a visa. In this case, the stay is generally limited to 90 days. If after 90 days the return journey is not possible, the foreigner’s authority in Germany must be contacted, this authority is responsible for their place of residence. For some states, the 90 days are already generally extended such as for Berlin (see above).

· Ukrainian nationals who do not have a biometric passport require a visa for entry. However, a member state may grant entry into its territory for humanitarian reasons.

· Ukrainian nationals and third-country nationals residing in Ukraine can apply for visas for Germany at the foreign missions in neighbouring countries of Ukraine (Embassies/Consulates in Chisinau, Budapest, Bratislava, Bucharest, Timisoara, Sibiu, Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Lublin, Wroclaw) as of now by way of exception. The same applies to Ukrainian nationals who do not have a biometric passport.

· The European Union is currently looking to introduce a simplified procedure for Ukrainian nationals to continue their stay in member states. This would mean that Ukrainian nationals would not have to apply for asylum.The basic right to apply for asylum remains unaffected.

General Information for Russian Citizen staying in Germany

Russian Citizens who are in Germany with a national visa can still convert their visa into the corresponding residence permit.

As of now, there are no further restrictions on existing residence permits and all processes are still handled as usually (e.g., extensions, change of employer etc.).

General information for Russian citizen planning to enter Germany:

The website of the German Embassy in Russia is the best place to receive reliable information

The website shows, which visa applications can currently be made (sorted by purpose of stay) and how to get an appointment (appointment booking via external service provider VisaMetric).

It is important that the following conditions for one of the purposes of travel can be met: employment, family reunification, study, research, etc.

Please note that currently air traffic is banned so alternative travel methods need to be found and prepared for.

Last Update: 03.03.2022

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