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How was your exchange with us? A short interview with Lena from Recom Relocation.

Aktualisiert: 26. Feb.

What did you hope and wish for from your exchange with Wilde Relocation?

Exchanging ideas, ways of work, processes, and how I can improve as a relocation consultant and how I can improve the processes in my team in Vienna.


What did you partcularly notice about Wilde Relocation?Relocation in Berlin (compared to Vienna)?

It's a different setup, tasks are divided differently among the team in comparison to Vienna, the “in-house team” that works at the HQ in Berlin (Key Account Manager Team, Family Team, Housing Team, Accounting Team) works with email correspondence and video calls with transferees + clients.  The “outbound team” (Consultants responsible for Home Finding, School/Kindergarten Finding + all further administrative tasks ) meets in Berlin & all over in Germany the transferees directly in person.


Were you able to take away any suggestions for Recom?

What I would suggest is:

-       Creating an “action plan” for the year would be a great implementation at Recom.

-       Having regular individual check-ins with each other to make sure there is alignment and tasks are accomplished.

-       Yearly performance review between employee and manager, where employee can understand where they can improve, as well as understanding where the employee's strengths lie and how they can use them better in their tasks.


Did anything particularly surprise or impress you?

What surprised me or impressed me:

-       The company structure and efficiency left a great impression on me.

-       The use of freelancers for apartment search and viewings


How was your contact with the Berlin team? Who did you meet?

-       I met first Antje and Julia, and we went for a lovely Tapas dinner on my first night, which I enjoyed very much. It was a warm welcome and I greatly appreciated it.

-       I greatly admire Karen, who I met on my first day at Wilde, her leadership style, her personality and how she made me feel right at home from the get-go. I enjoyed our conversations about Berlin, and the relocation business.

-       I met the rest of the team throughout my meetings during the week, and everyone was kind and welcoming, and shared with me what they do at Wilde relocation.

Did you feel comfortable? Did you miss anything?

I felt comfortable there from the start. Berlin left a good impression on me, and I was positively shocked with all its diversity, dynamism and how alive the city was. Regarding work, I am not used to staying by the desk the entire day, as we usually accompany our clients to different appointments, I kind of missed being on the road in Berlin, getting to know it better.

Was your stay in Berlin worthwhile?

I can highly recommend the experience to everyone in my team and the relocation industry. I feel this is a great learning opportunity for me, and hopefully our companies.


Do you have a recommendation for other relocation companies planning such an exchange?

Just do it! Don't be afraid of sharing each other's experience, processes, and best practices. I believe I have learnt much from this trip that will greatly help me in my career as a relocation consultant for years to come, and I am looking forward for more intra-industry collaboration.


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