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Interview with Business Coach Barbara Klunker about our partnership

Today we would like to introduce you to Barbara Klunker. She has answered a few questions to give you a better understanding of our partnership. We have already experienced several exciting workshops with her, but please take a moment to read for yourself. 


1) For how long have you been working with Wilde Relocation, and how did this cooperation come to be?

We have been working together for over two years on various organizational and team development topics on a very trusting basis. Karen Wilde and I first met through an exchange via LinkedIn, originally on a completely different topic.


2) What services do you offer that help our clients with their relocation process?

Besides team and organizational development, my colleagues and I advise clients family members on how to position themselves on the job market here in Germany.


3) Do you have any helpful advice for people who want to move or relocate?

I would still consider myself a newcomer to Berlin. Based on my experience, I have learned that organized networking, engaging in hobbies, or even attending seminars are excellent means of meeting new individuals who share similar interests. And: you should allow time to arrive.


4) What impact has the partnership with Wilde Relocation had on your business?

Wilde Relocation was my first client here in Berlin with face-to-face meetings and therefore an important piece of the puzzle when arriving in the new city.


5) What do you value most about our cooperation?

The most I appreciate is Karen Wilde's positive, people-centered and entrepreneurial attitude and the constant trusting, constructive and appreciative cooperation. I believe the service is beneficial because it makes it easier for people to come to a new place and helps them find their way around.

Thank you Barbara for this interview and looking forward to many more years of partnership with you.

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