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Introducing our Family Services - Why they are indispensable

As a relocation agency, we know that moving to Germany is not only a major challenge for employees, but also for their families. New employees and their families need a range of support and resources to help them quickly integrate and feel at home in the new country.  In this context, we offer comprehensive and customizable family services. A happy and well-integrated family environment plays a key role in ensuring that employees can tackle their new professional challenge with motivation and commitment and remain in the company for the long term and want to stay permanently.

Our Family Services in detail:

Kindergarten and school search

We provide support in the search for suitable kindergartens and schools that meet the individual needs of the children. Our team is familiar with the best educational institutions and helps you make the entire childcare and school search process much easier. We ensure that the family makes an informed decision and settles well in the new environment.

Preparing the necessary documents and application forms

Our team prepares all the necessary documents and application forms for registration at nurseries and schools. We ensure that all formalities are completed correctly and in full.

Applying for the daycare voucher and child benefit

We take care of the daycare voucher and child benefit applications to minimize the administrative burden for families and ensure that they receive all available benefits.

Finding a pediatrician

The health of the children comes first. We will help you find a suitable pediatrician and provide support with making appointments and registration.

Accompanying viewings and interviews at school and daycare centers.

We accompany families to interviews and visits at schools and kindergartens to make sure that language barriers are overcome and that all questions and concerns are answered.

Support before and after a birth

If you are relocating while your spouse is pregnant, we provide comprehensive assistance both before and after the birth of the child, including guidance and assistance in arranging aftercare and care.

Why this service is so important

The settling-in and well-being of the family play a central role in employee satisfaction. If the family feels safe and comfortable, employees can concentrate better, are more motivated and committed at work, and are more likely to stay in Germany for a long time. This is in the best interest of employers, who make substantial investments in attracting, relocating, and settling their international talent.

Our family services offer practical support, but also aim to provide emotional security and a feeling of safety. With our help, families can start a fulfilling life in Germany and settle into their new environment more quickly.

We are proud that our Family Services make a big difference in the satisfaction and integration of families, and thus in the long-term success of our customers.

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