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Simplify Your Departure: Introducing Our Departure Service

At Wilde Relocation, we know that moving abroad is about much more than just settling into a new home – it's about navigating the complicated web of administrative tasks and ensuring a smooth transition every step of the way.


“That's why we offer the appropriate service for all situations. Many people only think about the bureaucratic processes when entering and settling in Germany, but in the event that you want to return home or to another country, some steps have to be taken here too.

For this reason, we are pleased to be able to introduce you to our comprehensive departure service, which is intended to make the process of leaving Germany easier for our valued customers. From deregistering with local authorities to canceling subscriptions, utilities, assistance with handover of the apartment and receiving the deposit back and more, we handle all the necessary administrative tasks so you can focus on your next adventure with peace of mind.


However, our departure service is not just about ticking boxes, it is also about providing personal support tailored to your needs.


It is nowadays an invaluable recruiting tool for HR professionals to give your employees this invaluable service while arriving in Germany knowing that in case they wish, leaving again will also be a ease –this will often ease the decision for the job in the beginning.


Know that your employees will receive expert support with bureaucratic procedures if they return to their home country. This is just another way we can make the moving process stress-free for both individuals and organizations.”

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