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Welcoming Our Future Leaders: Student Exchange at Wilde Relocation

We are thrilled to host four exceptional students from Australia for a two-week exchange program at Wilde Relocation!

These talented students, taking part in a unique initiative to integrate academic learning with practical application, are getting hands-on experience in the global mobility industry.

Their tasks include participating in activities like "Planning Poker," where we estimate the time required for each of our services.

This insight helps them evaluate our pricing and service offerings, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Regular communication regarding the progress of their work, including a midterm review after a week, aids in confirming objectives and procedures. A final presentation with a university representative will conclude their stay.

Together with four other participating companies, we are committed to providing these future leaders with enriching experiences that bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Stay tuned for more updates on their journey and other exciting initiatives by following us on LinkedIn and exploring our website!

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