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about us

We are dedicated to providing individual relocation experiences, based on our clients’ needs and preferences.

It is our mission to guarantee your employee
a stress-free start in Germany, focussing on their new life and job instead of worrying about work permits, health insurance or accommodation.


The foundations of Wilde Relocation go back to 2005, when Karen Wilde founded the company. Since 2013, our headquarters have been located in Berlin, while in 2020 we moved to a new space in the city centre to support the strong growth of our business.

Our experienced team of multidisciplinary professionals and competent communicators is defined by empathy and loyalty. We fully commit ourselves to providing your employee with the best and most extensive relocation services, so they get to prioritize their new life and job instead of worrying about paperwork.

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We are a Full Member of The European Relocation Association (EuRA).

Wilde Relocation GmbH obtained the EuRA Global Quality Seal+ in December 2022. Based on an ISO 9001 process management model, the EuRA Global Quality Seal specifies the processes and KPI's that reflect the very highest standards in relocation services.

As a member awarded with the EuRA Global Quality Seal,

Wilde Relocation GmbH demonstrates a total commitment to quality.

We find flexible solutions to your individual needs. We
go the extra mile and try to make your wishes possible.

We are a professional team that is constantly reviewing
our standards and striving for excellence.

Digital & Transparent
We are digital and work transparently with all stakeholders.

We know the importance of integrating the needs
of your whole family.

Wi(l)de Network
We have a wide network and long-lasting partnerships
with authorities, landlords, consultants, schools
and kindergartens.

We make sure that everybody is taken care of

Logo Wilde Relocation

Years experience

Relocations per year

Freelancer working with us


Logo Wilde Relocation
Karen bearbeitet 3.jpg

Karen Wilde

CEO / Geschäftsführerin


Julia Stuerke

Team Lead Key Account


Antje Lopez

Key Account Manager


Jana Halama

Account Manager

The Team

Born in: Texas

Lived in: USA

Greatest strength: organizational talent

Favorite office spot: conference room

Specialist for: smooth operations

Special Skill: voluntary commitment

Most important equipment: laptop 

My favorite quote: 

"Every change is something good - because it opens new doors"

Born in: Berlin

Lived in: South Korea, New Zealand

Greatest strength: innovative / creative

Favorite office spot: balcony

Specialist for: software / operations

Special Skill: indian culture

Most important equipment: to-do-list

My favorite quote: 

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."

Born in: Berlin

Lived in: Madagascar, France

Greatest strength: optimistic

Favorite office spot: my desk

Specialist for: visa / immigration

Special Skill: sporty 

Most important equipment: airpods

My favorite quote: 

"The glass is half full."

Born in: Thüringen

Lived in: Australia

Greatest strength: event management

Favorite office spot: window seat

Specialist for: accounting

Special Skill: baking & biking

Most important equipment: calculator

My favorite quote: 

"To achieve the possible you have to attempt the impossible."


Lena Gellert

Team Lead Housing


Dorothea Meiske


external Consultant

Severin Stephan

Severin Stephan

Key Account Manager


Gabriele Maatz


external Consultant

Born in: Berlin

Lived in: Türkiye

Greatest strength: communication

Favorite office spot: couch

Specialist for: accomodation

Special Skill: think outside the box

Most important equipment: coffee machine

My favorite quote: 

"Life is what happens when you´re busy making other plans."

Born in: Berlin

Lived in: Australia, Sweden, Norway

Greatest strength: curiosity 

Favorite office spot: balcony

Specialist for: Visa Immigration

Special Skill: beekeeping

Most important equipment: pen & paper

My favorite quote: 

"Life was never meant to be easy"

Born in: Berlin

Lived in: Australia, Costa Rica

Greatest strength: flexible

Favorite office spot: kitchen

Specialist for: visa / immigration

Special Skill: webdesign & photos

Most important equipment: second screen

My favorite quote: 

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get."

Born in: Kevelaer

Lived in: UK

Greatest strength: empathy

Favorite office spot: desk, balcony

Specialist for: Visa Immigration

Special Skill: solution-oriented

Most important equipment: laptop

My favorite quote: 

"You can´t change what you did before, but you can change what you do next."


Susanne Vetter


Born in: Berlin

Lived in: India, New Zealand

Greatest strength:  reliability

Favorite office spot:  balcony

Specialist for: registration

Special Skill: bee keeping

Most important equipment: proper shoes

My favorite quote: 

"You are only guest on this planet, behave as one."


Our Partners

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I appreciate the close, honest and open exchange with Karen Wilde and her team and that we work together with each new management employee on the services and grow together. Wilde Relocation has been successfully supporting us for four years now with expert knowledge, team spirit and reliability. I look forward to continuing our good cooperation.

Daniela Orthen

Logo_Zalando-no background.png

I have worked with Wilde Relocation on a number of occasions having been dissatisfied with other agencies. Their service has exceeded all expectations and myself on behalf of the company and those colleagues who we have helped with Wilde Relocation are very satisfied.
Their dedication to clear and consistent communication made the entire process smooth and stress-free. Our emails are always responded to promptly and if needed they are happy to jump on a call if you need urgent assistance. 

Ruth Smith

Logo_Glassnode-no background.png

As a company that has very high standards when it comes to recruiting highly qualified employees, we also expect our service providers and partner companies to provide professional, technically sound and friendly support at all times.

These aspects have been fully met since the beginning of our cooperation with the Wilde Relocation Team, which has now lasted for several years.

Your team is the right partner for us in all relocation issues to help our new international colleagues (and their families) get off to a good start in Germany. We appreciate the individual support for our employees, the fast response time and the open and transparent communication at all times. We look forward to continuing to work with the Wilde Relocation team.

Janett Blochmann

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