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Every relocation is an individual journey, consisting of various steps. With our wide range of services we offer custom-tailored support to meet the needs of your employee.

Visa and immigraton

We provide expert support in all matters related to visa and immigration – from work permits and health insurance to permanent residency and family reunion. We assist with paperwork, communication and appointments to ensure that your employee will be able to set up their new life without delays and stress-free.


Pick Up


Our English-speaking driver will pick up your employee at the airport and take them to their temporary accommodation – as well as providing assistance with luggage and orientation.


If your employee is required to stay in domestic quarantine due

to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our driver will also receive their passport and documents to ensure that administrative procedures can be taken care of as quickly as possible.



To facilitate the process of settling in an entirely new place, we offer orientation tours, individually tailored to your employee’s needs and interests. Our consultant will show your employee around their preferred neighborhood and provide information on housing, commuting, schools and entertainment.

payroll ready


To make sure that your employee is payroll-ready in no time, we will help them navigate the jungle of German bureaucracy – ranging from registration with the city authorities and getting a tax identification number to setting up their health insurance and bank account.



Children Services

If your employee is a parent, our expert team will guide them through the process of finding the most suitable kindergarten or school for their children. We also assist with applications for child or parental benefits.



Home is where the heart is. Of course we will support your employee with relocating their partner too – including job search, integration and training.

Expecting a child is one of the most important times in life and certainly should not be wasted with paperwork. That is why we will take care of everything related to registration and administration, so your employee and their partner get to focus on their new role as parents.


Spouse support

Home Finding

Finding a home

We will help your employee find and rent a furnished accommodation for the first few weeks after their arrival. This will allow them to look for long-term housing without any pressure and focus on their work instead of apartment-hunting.



Our consultants will assist in navigating the housing market, help prepare documents and use their networks to provide your employee with apartment offers in their preferred neighborhoods.





We coordinate the moving arrangements for your employee’s household and personal effects with one of our corporate third-party providers who offer the best value-for-money service.



We connect your employee with an experienced third-party provider that ensures the animal is cared for during the transition and assists with any related paperwork.


In Germany, dog owners are required to register their pet and pay a respective tax – we take care of these administrative processes as well.

Transactin of Payments


To guarantee that you will not miss any deadlines for deposits, leases or other important payments for your employee, we offer to arrange such transactions on your behalf – fast and uncomplicated.



When your employee is leaving Germany, we assist with deregistration and all contract cancellations. We also take care of apartment transfers as well as security deposit returns.

Driving Licenses

Driving License

If desired by your employee, we will handle all paperwork and communications with authorities related to acquiring a German driving permit.

Additional Services

Additional relocation   


Relocating is a crucial period in a person's life. That is why we offer personalized services, which are tailored to the individual and provide the optimal support for your employee – from purchasing a house or vehicle to assistance with organizing their marriage in Germany.

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